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Drop Log Filters

Drop filters offer a great way to filter out logs from an account to help manage your account volume and lower costs.

Drop filters check if incoming logs match specific criteria exactly, based on field and value. If a log matches an active drop filter in your account, it won’t be indexed or appear in OpenSearch Dashboards. Dropped logs can't be searched, won't trigger alerts, and won't show up in dashboards or reports. However, these logs will still be archived if you have log archiving turned on.

To get started with Drop Log Filters, navigate to Data Hub > Drop Filters > Log.

Drop filters logs overview

The drop filters table lists all filters, whether active or not. Each filter has a rule, description, threshold, and status. You can easily switch any filter on or off whenever you like, and the changes will take effect in about a minute.

Add a new Drop Log Filter

Click on + Add drop filter.

Select a specific log type to filter, or choose All to apply the filter across all log types.

Next, set fields and values. You can add up to three field-value pairs per filter. Make sure each pair matches exactly as drop filters are case-sensitive.

For example, if logs from a Docker container include the pair:

{ "": "system-logs" }

You would set the Field to and the Value to system-logs. Logs will not be filtered if the Value is set differently, such as to system.

Your filter can contain up to 3 fields.

You can also set a threshold for the drop filter to manage when logs are excluded. Select any limit between 1GB and 1,000GB. Once this threshold is reached, the filter remains active for the remainder of the day and resets daily. If no threshold is set, the filter activates immediately.


When you set a threshold, a LogSize field is automatically added to your logs.

Confirm the settings by checking the acknowledgment box and clicking Apply filter to activate.


You can create and manage up to 10 drop filters per account.


When restoring logs from an archive, consider temporarily deactivating some filters. This ensures that all logs are indexed and visible in your OpenSearch Dashboards.