Logz.io supports multi-factor authentication for all users on a main account or sub account. To enable this feature, an account admin needs to contact the Support team.

All users in your account must have Google Authenticator installed on their phones to be able to sign in. Logz.io emails users to tell them when multi-factor authentication is enabled.

To set up multi-factor authentication for your account
  1. Contact the Support team (help@logz.io or the chat icon in your browser). Ask to enable multi-factor authentication (MFA).

    MFA is applied to your main account and each sub account separately. Include the account token for each account that you want MFA enabled on.

  2. Once Support enables MFA, log out and log back in to Logz.io. A QR code is displayed.

    QR code

  3. Scan the QR code using Google Authenticator, type your verification code, and click Verify.

In future logins, Logz.io will prompt you to enter your Google Authenticator verification code.