To maintain your account’s security, account admins can add and remove users as needed. You can change user access permissions at any time.

Users who are part of the main account will have access to all sub accounts and timeless accounts. To limit user access,consider adding users only to the sub accounts and timeless accounts that they will need to search.

To keep your data even more secure, limit the number of admins in each account.

Manage users

You can get to this page by selecting > Settings > User management in the top menu.

Community plans have a maximum of 50 users.

To add or remove users

  • To add users, click Add user at the bottom of your users list.
  • To remove a user, click the user’s menu (), and then click Delete.

To suspend or unsuspend users

To suspend or unsuspend a user, click the user’s menu (), and then click Suspend or Unsuspend.

If a user is suspended, their icon is red.