User permissions are determined by their role and the account to which they belong.

There are 4 permission levels: Main account Admin / User, Sub account Admin / User. Below is a list of user permissions by account type and user rule.

Main account

Anyone with a User role in the main account has read-only access to the logs in all sub accounts and timeless accounts.

Anyone with an Admin role in the main account has Admin permissions to all sub accounts and timeless accounts. You can limit access by adding users only to sub accounts and timeless accounts rather than the main account.

The acronym CRUD stands for Create, Read, Update, Delete.

Permissions Admin User
Manage the main account CRUD
Manage sub accounts CRUD
Read sub accounts
Manage timeless accounts CRUD
Read timeless accounts
Log shipping tokens CRUD
Add filters to Shared tokens
API tokens CRUD
Manage users CRUD
Notification channels CRUD CRUD
Grant Support access
Shared tokens CRUD Read

Sub account

You can add users directly to a sub account and assign them either an Admin or User role.

Users belonging to a sub account do not have access to any other accounts, unless explicitely added to them.