The type field identifies your log type. parses logs based on type. For example, if a log type is apache_access, automatically parses these logs as Apache access logs.

This table shows the built-in log types that supports. If you don’t see your log type here, you can create custom data parsing using the data parsing wizard.

Description Type
Apache access apache, apache_access, apache-access
AWS CloudFront cloudfront
AWS CloudTrail cloudtrail
AWS VPCFlow vpcflow
AWS Route 53 route_53
AWS S3 access S3Access
Elasticsearch elasticsearch
GPFS gpfs
HAProxy haproxy
Jenkins jenkins
Microsoft IIS iis
MongoDB mongodb
Monit monit
Mysql mysql
Mysql error mysql_error
Mysql slow query mysql_slow_query
Mysql monitor mysql_monitor
Nagios nagios
Nginx access nginx, nginx_access, nginx-access
Nginx error nginx-error
OSSEC ossec