You can add markers to help you understand the context surrounding your insights. Markers reflect significant events that could be potential catalysts for issues, such as new deployments, rollbacks, and specific alerts that may have been triggered.

Insights marker on the chart

Markers are based on actual log messages coming into When a marker’s search query conditions are met, a marker is added to your insights.

To add a marker

Configure your log message

Configure your system to log a specific message that will serve as your marker’s trigger.

Run a test query in OpenSearch Dashboards, and make sure your query returned the expected results.

Create the marker

Below the Insights chart, click Markers, and then click Create marker

Create a marker

Assign a Marker name. Then type your Query string that you tested in step 1, and click Create & Plot.

When the conditions of the marker are met, it will appear in the insights chart as a gray box and a dotted line. You can use this marker to see the relationship between insights and system events.

Marker close-up

Click a marker in the insights chart to view it in OpenSearch Dashboards.