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AI Insights AI Insights combines the power of a large language model with existing AI capabilities, including the patented Cognitive Insights system, to help you speed up Mean Time to Identify (MTTI) and cut down Mean Time to Resolve (MTTR).

AI Insights is available to all users to offer solutions for emerging availability, performance, resilience, and security issues.

View your AI Insights

To view your AI Insights, navigate to Logs > Discover > and click on the Insights tab.


The Insights tab presents all issues found in your logs based on your current time frame. Your insights will update once you change the time frame or search your logs.

The table includes the following:

  • The name / a short description of the issue
  • The primary tag associated with the issue
  • Severity level that's auto-assigned based on AI Insights
  • Amount of occurrences within the code
  • The first occurrence when this issue was detected
  • An option to focus on or remove this issue from your view

You can change and sort the table by clicking on one of the headers.

To learn more about an issue, click on its name. You can view additional information, including relevant web links and a potential solution suggested by AI Insights.

Use the Create alert link at the top of the page to track when this issue resurfaces or be notified whenever it’s found in your logs.

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Investigate with AI Insights

With AI Insights, you can focus your investigations on a specific error or issue. Click on the Filter for value icon to view all logs associated with the chosen issue. The new view will include all the logs related to the issue, including additional log-related information to help you understand why it happened and how to solve it.

Otherwise, you can click the Filter out value option to exclude the issue from your view.

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