The insights chart at the top of the page shows a 7-day summary of all the different identified insights. Both Application Insights and Cognitive Insights are included in the chart.

Below the graph is the insights list, which shows the insights identified by By default, the list shows only new insights identified. You can toggle the Only new switch to see older events.

Working with the chart

  • To zoom in and out on the chart, use the timeline handles below the chart. Drag your mouse over the chart to zoom in.
  • To show or hide an insight, click the insight in the legend to the left of the chart.
  • To see information at a point in time, hover over a line in the chart.

Working with insights

When you click on an entry in the insight list, it will expand to show you details like a description and Stack Overflow links.

Insight details

  • To create an alert or optimizer, select Create an Alert/Optimizer from the insight’s menu ().
  • You can change the status, assignee, or severity level by clicking on the intended item. If you change the assignee, you can include a message to let the recipient know why they’re being assigned an insight.
  • To edit an insight’s title, description, or reference links, select Edit from the insight’s menu ().
  • To see the log entries that triggered the insight, click View in OpenSearch Dashboards.