The Research page offers the full Kibana experience, so you can dig deep into your security logs.

You can follow Kibana’s standard search practices to fully investigate any events and threats. Cloud SIEM Research page

To reach Kibana Discover in your Security account, select Research from the top menu. On your first visit, it will open on Kibana Discover, by default. After that, it will open on the Kibana section you last visited.

You can use Kibana’s left menu to navigate within Kibana. Click in the left menu to reach Kibana Discover.


To see the available dashboards, select Research > Dashboards from the top menu. provides out-of-the-box dashboards for all security integrations. The dashboards are named after the security products and services.

You can search dashboards by name or description. Dashboards provided by are labeled and locked to protect against editing. Security Dashboards

You can always create your own visualizations and dashboards to add to’s pre-built dashboards.