While your main account and sub accounts are better suited for short-term monitoring of your log data, they’re not really a cost-effective way to view long-term patterns and trends. That’s where timeless accounts come in.

Timeless accounts work with optimizers, allowing you to save a subset of your logs for as long as you need them. You can store key metrics that you want to track in your timeless accounts. Each timeless account contains its own Elasticsearch index, which you can search from your main account.

Timeless accounts

To create or manage a timeless account

Select or add a timeless account

In the Timeless account plan panel, click the timeless account you want to manage, or click Add timeless account.

Manage a timeless account

Adjust account volume

If you need to adjust the Timeless account volume, type in the text box or use and .

Your plan allows for a maximum data volume. Keep this limit in mind when you allocate resources to your timeless accounts—you won’t be able to exceed the limits of your plan.

Contact your Logz.io account manager if you need to increase your plan limits.

Set search permissions

If you want your sub accounts to be able to search this account, add the intended accounts to the Read & write permissions box.

Save your changes

Click Apply to save your changes.