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Flexible volume

Flexible volume gives you more control over how you allocate space between your accounts.

With flexible volume, accounts can share indexing capacity and use it as needed. Instead of reserving capacity in advance, you can rely on shared volume to cover your indexing needs across accounts. When properly configured, shared volume can help to optimize distribution and minimize the risk of running out of space.

Enable flexible volume

Flexible volume is a global setting that applies to your time-based logging accounts. To reach it, go to > Settings > Manage accounts. This page is only available when logged in to the main account as an admin user.


You can include up to 200 sub accounts when flexible volume is enabled. To add more sub accounts, you’ll have to disable the flexible volume option.

Volume settings

  • Reserved volume

    If you'd like to guarantee indexing capacity to high priority accounts, you can configure their reserved volume. You are not required to allocate reserved volume. If you prefer, you can set reserved volume at zero to add even more flexibility.

    After an account fills its daily reserved volume, it can continue to index data using shared volume until it hits its cap or shared volume is spent for the day.

  • Shared volume

    With flexible volume enabled, you can leave a portion of your plan volume unallocated. This is your plan's shared volume. Shared volume is available for accounts to use dynamically, as needed.

    Notification emails are sent to account admins to alert them when utilization of shared volume reaches 80% and 100%.

  • Volume cap

    If you'd like to avoid situations where daily capacity is over-used by certain accounts, you can cap them.

    Notification emails are sent to account admins to alert them when account utilization reaches 80% and 100% of its cap.

  • If reserved volume is zero

    It is possible for an account to have zero reserved volume. In this case, data capacity is entirely dependent on the availability of shared volume. Keep in mind that this configuration does not guarantee indexing capacity for the account and subsequently could lead to data loss whenever shared volume is not available.

Account utilization notifications

When flexible volume is enabled, your plan's shared volume helps to protect against data loss. Still, to help prevent surprises and help you avoid data loss, sends out notification emails to account admins to alert them of the following:

NotificationsLow riskHigh risk
Shared volume80% of shared volume is spent for the day.100% of shared volume is spent for the day. Only accounts with available reserved volume can continue to index logs. No shared capacity will be available until the index switches at 00:00 UTC tonight.
Account capAccount has reached 80% of its daily cap.Account has reached 100% of its daily cap. It will no longer accept data until the index switches at 00:00 UTC.

Configure flexible capacity accounts

Enable flexible volume for your plan

Go to > Settings > Manage accounts to manage your plan. This page is only available when logged in to the main account as an admin user.

To enable flexible volume, toggle the button Use flexible volume to turn it on.

Configure account capacity

Click an account from your list to select it. Or, click Add sub account to create a new sub account.

Configure the account's daily capacity:

  • Reserved volume - This is the volume that is guaranteed for the account per calendar day.

    For the main account, there is a 1 GB minimum. Otherwise, for sub accounts, it can be 0 as well.

  • Cap this account's volume - This is optional.

    • If you leave this option unchecked, the account has unlimited access to shared volume.

      Once the account exhausts its daily volume, it can continue to receive and index data as long as shared volume is available.

    • If you enable this option, another field will appear: Volume cap.

      This is the maximum volume that the account can index per calendar day. It cannot be greater than the sum of the account's reserved volume and available shared volume.

Enable flexible storage