You can manage your Infrastructure Monitoring account from the Manage accounts page. You’ll need to be signed in to the main account in your Operations workspace.

If you don’t have an Infrastructure Monitoring account yet, reach out to your account manager or email the Sales team.

To manage your Infrastructure Monitoring account

Select your Infrastructure Monitoring account

You’ll find your Infrastructure Monitoring account in the Manage accounts page of your Operations workspace, at the bottom of the page.

If you want, change the Account name here.

You can leave the Unique metrics box at its default value. This box is reserved for future functionality.

Create a new Metrics account
Allocate UM to each Metrics account

Set how many unique metrics (UMs) are allocated to each account from the overall Infrastructure Monitoring plan.

Set the read permissions

Grant access to this account using Accounts that can read…. If users are logged in to the accounts you add here, they’ll be able to read the metrics in this account.

Save your changes

Click Apply to save your changes.