You can manage your Distributed Tracing account from the Manage accounts page. You’ll need to be signed in to the main account in your Operations workspace.

If you don’t have a Distributed Tracing account yet, start a trial in the Distributed Tracing tab.

To manage your Distributed Tracing account

Select your Distributed Tracing account

You’ll find your Distributed Tracing account in the Manage accounts page of your Operations workspace, in the middle of the page.

If you want, change the Account name here.

Grant access to a tracing data source

Your Distributed Tracing account can serve as a data source that is accessed by main and sub accounts.

To manage access to your tracing account, configure which main and sub accounts can access or view the Distributed Tracing data source.

When users are logged in to the accounts you add here, they’ll be able to access or view the the tracing data in their account, via the Tracing tab.

Grant access to the data in a tracing account

a. To display the account information for a specific tracing account, click your Distributed Tracing account. Manage tracing account

b. To enable access to a Distributed Tracing data source for other accounts, in the field below the Tracing account name, click Add an account, and select the relevant main and sub accounts. Access to tracing account data for other accounts

Save your changes

Click Save to apply your changes.