When Logz.io detects a security event in your system, it creates a log entry in your Cloud SIEM account. Logs are not shipped directly to your Cloud SIEM account. Instead, you’ll grant read access to the other accounts you want to monitor.

If you don’t have a Cloud SIEM account yet, reach out to your account manager or email the Sales team.

Manage the Cloud SIEM account

You can manage your Cloud SIEM account from the Manage accounts page. You’ll need to be signed in to the main account in your Operations workspace.

To manage your Cloud SIEM account

Select your Cloud SIEM account

You’ll find your Cloud SIEM account in the Manage accounts page of your Operations workspace, toward the bottom of the page.

If you want, change the Security account name here.

Set read permissions

Give Read permissions for any accounts you want to monitor.

Your Cloud SIEM account will watch the logs of these accounts.

Any security events are stored as their own logs in Cloud SIEM.

Save your changes

Click Apply to save your changes.