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Why Distributed Tracing Distributed Tracing - Why go it alone? gives you the ability to look under the hood at how your microservices are interacting with each other and lets you access rich information which your dev team can use to improve performance and investigate - and troubleshoot - issues.

Gain a system-wide view of your distributed architecture, detect failed or high latency requests, and quickly drill into end-to-end call sequences of selected requests of intercommunicating microservices. Distributed Tracing provides Jaeger as a fully managed service - so DevOps teams can use the best cloud-native open source tracing tool - without managing or having to scale it themselves.

Yes, you can have it all!

Maximize value with's observability platform and use your favorite open source tools delivered as a service to provide:

  • Infrastructure monitoring - to understand a pattern or trend (measure/monitor... is my service slowing down?)
  • Log management - to debug an individual issue or problem (diagnostics... how do I fix the problem?)
  • Distributed tracing - to identify when and where performance issues or errors are occurring within a specific transaction, and isolate the contributing causes of these issues