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Correlated Rules

Some security incidents are best detected by a sequence of logs originating from different products, i.e. log types.

For example: an email attachment followed by a malware infection. In this example, the first event is detected by an email security product and the second event is detected by an endpoint security product. In this case 2 separate events can be defined using a correlated rule.

Correlated events are instrumental for reducing false-positives. By defining a more specific use case that contains 2 scenarios, the trigger can be more sensitive and reduce unwanted noise.

Investigating correlated rules

You can view all recently triggered rules from your Summary dashboard.

When a correlated rule triggers, it writes 2 event logs - 1 per query. The event logs will be numbered 1/2 and 2/2, respectively. Each event log will have its own Investigate drilldown link.

Investigate correlated events

The best way to begin investigating a correlated event is to filter for the matching join values to narrow the list. Hover over the field logzio-alert-join-values and click to filter for its value. Then click the Investigate link to dive into the details.