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Single Sign-On (SSO) for Auth0

The following guide helps account admins set up a Single sign-on connection for Auth0.


To get started, you need the following privileges:

  • Access to Auth0
  • Permissions to create a new native application in Auth0
  • Owner role permissions for the account for which you are creating the resource

Request SSO access from


Only account admins can request single sign-on access for their accounts. To access and use the SSO link that is created for a Auth0 integration resource, users must be defined in the associated Auth0 account.

To kick off this process, send an email to Write that you want to set up Auth0 SSO for Include these items in the message:

The Support Team will respond with the connection information you'll need to give in Auth0.

Create a native application in Auth0

Log into your Auth0 account. Navigate to Applications > Applications and create a new Native application.

Auth0 create new app

Click on Settings, scroll down to the bottom of the page, and click Advance Settings. Next, click on the Certificate tab and download it in a PEM format. In the next step, you’ll need to email this file to the Support Team.

Auth0 certificate download

Click on Endpoints tab and copy the SAML Protocol URL.

Auth0 copy SAML URL

Save your configuration.

Send your SAML details to

Draft a new email to Support, and include these items:

  • Your Certificate (from the previous step).
  • Your SAML Protocol URL.

Activate SAML connection in Auth0

Return to your Native app in Auth0 (Applications > Applications), click the Addons tab, and toggle SAML2 Web App.

Auth0 toggle SAML app

Click on Settings, paste the Single Sign-in URL that support Team has provided, and click Enable at the bottom of the page.

Auth0 SAML url

When Support has created your Auth0 + connection, you're done! You can start logging in to through your Auth0 account.

Adding New Auth0 SSO users

New users who weren't a part of your account when you first created the SSO configuration, should apply a first login to via the Auth0 platform by navigating to Application > SAML2 Web App > Addon settings.

Add new users