Using shared tokens, you can share Kibana visualization and dashboard snapshots. You can limit the data available to a shared token with token filters.

Manage shared tokens

To reach this page, click > Tools > Shared tokens in the top menu.

Working with shared tokens
  • To create a token, type a brief token name and click Save.

  • To attach a filter, click Attach filter, choose a filter, and then click Save. (See Working with token filters, below)

  • To remove a filter attached to a token, click the filter tag’s .

  • To delete a token, click the token’s .

Working with token filters
  • To make a new filter, type a brief description, type the name of a field and the value to filter the field by, and then click Save. You can attach your new filter to any of your shared tokens.

Test new filters in Kibana to make sure you get the expected results.

  • To delete a filter, click the filter’s .