Using shared tokens, you can share Kibana visualization and dashboard snapshots. You can limit the data available to a shared token with token filters.

Manage shared tokens

To reach this page, click > Tools > Shared tokens in the top menu.

Working with shared tokens

  • To create a token, type a brief token name and click Save.
  • To attach a filter, click Attach filter, choose a filter, and then click Save. (See Working with token filters, below)
  • To remove a filter attached to a token, click the filter tag’s .
  • To delete a token, click the token’s .

Working with token filters

  • To make a new filter, type a brief description, type the name of a field and the value to filter the field by, and then click Save. You can attach your new filter to any of your shared tokens.
  • To delete a filter, click the filter’s .

Test new filters in Kibana to make sure you get the expected results.