Logz.io Reports allows you to automatically generate reports using your Kibana dashboards. You can send reports on a regular schedule to Slack or email recipients.

To navigate to the Reports page:

  • In your Operations account, select Alerts & Events > Reports in the top menu.
  • In your Cloud SIEM account, click Reports in the top menu.

Configuring a report

Give your report a name and description

Your report’s name will be shown as the email subject or Slack heading.

The description will be included in the message body. It’s a good idea to use the description to give some context for why recipients are receiving the report.

Choose a dashboard and time range

Choose Which dashboard to send to your recipients.

Use For this time range to filter logs to be included in the report.

For example: If you choose a time range of 24 hours on a report sent every Monday at 09:00, each week’s report will show a snapshot of your logs from 09:00 Sunday through 09:00 Monday.

Your time range can be anything from 1 minute to 30 days.

Set the schedule

Use the Cron schedule to set the frequency of your reports.

Logz.io uses quartz cron. If you need help generating a cron expression, see Cron Expression Generator.

Choose the recipients

Use Who to send it to to choose the report’s email and Slack recipients.

If you choose Include a link to the live dashboard in the message, report recipients will have a quick link to the dashboard for the report’s time range.