Live Tail gives you a live view of your logs as they come into, eliminating the need to SSH into a remote machine.

Live Tail

Search bar
Contains controls to filter log lines, start and stop Live Tail, and to quickly find a word or phrase in the logs
Highlight bar
Lets you highlight specific terms in the logs
Live Tail view
Shows live scrolling view of your logs
Start, stop, scroll, and clear
  • To start Live Tail, choose to show Raw data or Parsed data, type a regex in the Match and Ignore boxes, and press (play). Log lines that meet your Match and Ignore criteria are shown in real time.

    Read more about parsed data view below. 👇

  • To stop Live Tail and pause scrolling, press (stop), or scroll with your mouse or trackpad.

  • To go to the bottom of the Live Tail view and resume scrolling, press (scroll). Scroll is available if you’re not already at the bottom line of Live Tail.

  • To clear the Live Tail view, click (clear).

Find and highlight terms
  • To show all instances of a term in yellow, use the Find box.

  • To highlight different phrases, click (settings), and then type the word or phrase you want to highlight. You can add as many highlighted terms as you need. To remove a highlight, click the highlighted term.

Customize the parsed data view

If you show parsed data, Live Tail prases your log lines into columns. By default, the @timestamp and message columns are shown.

Parsed data view

  • To add a new column, click , choose a log field to show in the new column, and click Apply.

Live Tail resets the connection when you switch between parsed and raw data view, and when you add or remove a column.

  • To remove a column, hover over the column header, and click .

  • Hover over a column header and click or to move the column left or right.