You can share Kibana dashboards, saved searches and visualizations between accounts by exporting and importing them. This is helpful if you have multiple main accounts or accounts on multiple regions. You can also use this process to keep a local backup copy.

On this page
  1. Export objects from Kibana
  2. Import objects from a JSON
  3. Compatibility for shared objects across different versions
    1. Compatibility examples
Export objects from Kibana

You can export data from up to 20 different accounts. To export data from more than 20 accounts, you’ll need to add all of your available accounts to the search by clicking Add all accounts.

The first step is to export your existing dashboards, searches and visualizations out of your Kibana instance.

  1. In Logs > Kibana, click (Settings) > Saved objects
  2. Select Export xxx objects (xxx is the number of objects available for export).
  3. You can un-select any categories you want to exclude from the export. Another way to do this is to hand-pick the objects you want to export, but this is less recommended.
  4. Click Export all.
  5. A JSON file with your exported objects will be saved to your default location.

The full export is highly recommended. That way you can be sure that you’ll have everything, irrespective of any inter-dependencies. If you export a single object that happens to be dependant on another object, the export can fail.

Import objects from a JSON

Before you begin, you’ll need: Make sure that the relevant logs have already shipped to your account and refresh the Kibana mapping.

Assuming you’ve got a JSON with your exported objects, it’s time to import them into your account.

  1. In Logs > Kibana, click (Settings) > Saved objects.
  2. Click Import and select the relevant JSON file.
  3. You can toggle the option to Automatically overwrite all saved objects. Enable it if you want the export to overwrite existing objects in case of conflict. Select the option that works for you.

You’re done! You’re all set to use your newly imported Kibana dashboards, saved searches, and visualizations.

If any visualization or dashboard did not import, the issue is most likely a field that is referenced in the visualization but not indexed in your account. Check that the relevant logs are already in the account and refresh the Kibana mapping.

Compatibility for shared objects across different versions

Your saved and shared objects can only be imported into the following Kibana versions:

  • The same release version
  • A newer minor version on the same major version
  • The next major version

Exported shared objects are not backwards compatible, and thus can’t be imported into an older version of Kibana.

Compatibility examples

The following table provides some compatibility examples:

Exporting from version: Importing to version: Compatible? [Y/N]
6.7.0 6.8.1 Yes
6.8.1 7.3.0 Yes
7.3.0 7.11.1 Yes
7.11.1 7.6.0 No
6.8.1 8.0.0 No