What causes an invalid log?

When a log that includes specific issues is received, the log is flattened and ingested, the type field is changed to logzio-invalid-log, and the tags field is added to the log to identify the issue.

Invalid log example

Invalid log tags

The tags in the table below explain the character or field issues that may cause a log to be labeled with the logzio-invalid-log field.

Tag Description
MAX_LOG_LINE_LENGTH Exceeded the maximum of 500K characters per log
Exceeded the maximum of 32700 characters per field
MAX_JSON_DEPTH Exceeded the maximum of 10 field nesting levels per log message
Exceeded the maximum of 1000 fields per log message
FIELDS_MISSING This error is related to required fields that are missing from your logs: For example, @timestamp.
Check if the parsing rules remove or rename the relevant fields.
ARRAY_INDEX_OUT_OF_BOUNDS_EXCEPTION One of the field names in the log includes a dot (.): To resolve the issue, flatten the field that the . is nested under.
If the field is inside an array, you’ll need to flatten the array field.

For example, you’d need to flatten the field xxx.yyy