You can import your existing Grafana dashboards to via a manual process.

For the dashboard import to work smoothly, you’ll need to change the name of the data source in your JSON file to the name of your Metrics account. Your Metrics account information is located in the Manage Accounts ( > Settings > Manage accounts) page of your Operations workspace. Account settings navigation

For the record, notification endpoints and dashboard annotations are not imported: You’ll need to recreate them in See Notification endpoints and Annotations for more information.

Importing individual dashboards

To import individual dashboards:

Log into and navigate to the Metrics tab.

Select the Import option.

In the left navigation pane, click and select Import. Import dashboards to

  • To import your existing Prometheus dashboards, first export the relevant dashboards as JSON files, then click Upload JSON file and select the files to upload.

    For related information see Upload JSON logs.