Logz.io Cloud SIEM combines the power of Kibana with advanced security analytics tools to help you identify, investigate, and remediate threats quickly and efficiently.

To open your Cloud SIEM account, click the Logz.io logo (upper left corner), and then click Security.

Logz.io Cloud SIEM

The summary dashboard shows the last 24 hours of security events affecting your systems. Learn more about investigating events
Threats & Threat Intelligence feeds
The Threats dashboard shows you potential threats by correlating your logs with lists of known threats using public and private threat feeds. Learn more
Kibana & Dashboards
Use Kibana to drill down into your logs, or select dashboards to review events by specific Security products. Your Cloud SIEM is pre-loaded with a large library of dashboards curated by Logz.io. Learn more
Schedule dashboards to be sent out as reports on a regular basis. Learn more
Manage your SIEM’s preconfigured rules, or add your own. When a security rule triggers, a security event is logged and written to the relevant dashboards as well as the Summary and Threats dashboards. Learn more