When you’re setting up data shipping to your Distributed Tracing account, you’ll need to include your Distributed Tracing shipping token. The token routes your data to the right account in Logz.io.

Here’s how to get the tracing token:

You must have admin permissions for the Logz.io Distributed Tracing account to view the Manage accounts page. If you’re not an admin user for the account, consult with an account admin to get the Distributed Tracing token information.

From your main account, go to the Manage accounts page of your Operations workspace.
It can be reached by selecting > Settings > Manage accounts.

Distributed Tracing token location

Scroll to the Distributed Tracing account section and click the account you want to ship to.

The account’s token and other settings are displayed when you click the relevant tracing account name at the bottom of the section. Reveal Distributed Tracing Token