Every Logz.io account is hosted in an account region. All services related to your account are colocated—so you’ll ship logs, sign in, and access the API from the same region the account lives in.

How can I find my account region?

Glad you asked!

To find your account region, sign in to Logz.io and look at the URL in the address bar. If you see app.logz.io, then your account is in the N. Virginia region. All other regions have a hypen and then a two-letter region code. For example, if you see app-eu.logz.io, then your account is in the Frankfurt region.

Your listener host (where you ship logs) and API host will always be in the same region. This means they’ll always have the same two-letter code that you see in the address bar when you’re logged in.

Read on for a list of region codes and URLs.

Regions and URLs

Region App host Listener host API host
N. Virginia region app.logz.io listener.logz.io api.logz.io
Australia region (au) app-au.logz.io listener-au.logz.io api-au.logz.io
Canada region (ca) app-ca.logz.io listener-ca.logz.io api-ca.logz.io
Frankfurt region (eu) app-eu.logz.io listener-eu.logz.io api-eu.logz.io
West Europe region (nl) app-nl.logz.io listener-nl.logz.io api-nl.logz.io
West US 2 region (wa) app-wa.logz.io listener-wa.logz.io api-wa.logz.io