G Suite a suite of web applications created by Google for businesses. You can ship G Suite logs to Logz.io using Filebeat and Google Reports API.

Before you begin, you’ll need: Filebeat installed

The GSuite module was deprecated as of Filebeat 7.12 and has been replaced with the Google Workspace module, to bring it in line with Google’s current naming. The integration itself remains the same, requiring only that you replace “- module: gsuite” with “- module: google_workspace” in the modules block.

G Suite setup

Set up a Service Account

Follow the official G Suite tutorial for setting up a service account.

Grant access to the Admin SDK API

Follow the official G Suite tutorial for granting access to the Admin API.

Delegate domain-wide authority to your service account
  • Open your G Suite domain’s Admin console.
  • Go to Main menu > Security > API controls.
  • In the Domain-wide delegation pane, select Manage Domain Wide Delegation.
  • Click Add new, and fill in the details:
    • Client ID - Enter the service account’s Client ID - you can find it in the service account’s details under Unique ID. It is also found in the client_id field of the credentials file that was auto-downloaded when you created a new key for your service account.
    • OAuth Scopes - Enter https://www.googleapis.com/auth/admin.reports.audit.readonly
    • Click Authorize to confirm your changes.

Filebeat monitoring setup

Download the Logz.io public certificate to your credentials server

For HTTPS shipping, download the Logz.io public certificate to your certificate authority folder.

sudo curl https://raw.githubusercontent.com/logzio/public-certificates/master/AAACertificateServices.crt --create-dirs -o /etc/pki/tls/certs/COMODORSADomainValidationSecureServerCA.crt
Configure Filebeat

Open the Filebeat configuration file (the default path /etc/filebeat/filebeat.yml) with your preferred text editor. Copy and paste the code block below, overwriting the previous contents.

Filebeat requires a file extension specified for the log input.

### Filebeat

### General
  logzio_codec: json
  type: gsuite
fields_under_root: true
encoding: utf-8
ignore_older: 3h

### Modules
- module: gsuite
    enabled: true
    var.jwt_file: "<<PATH_TO_CERDNTIALS_FILE>>"
    var.delegated_account: "<<DELEGATED_ACCOUNT_EMAIL>>"
    enabled: true
    var.jwt_file: "<<PATH_TO_CERDNTIALS_FILE>>"
    var.delegated_account: "<<DELEGATED_ACCOUNT_EMAIL>>"
    enabled: true
    var.jwt_file: "<<PATH_TO_CERDNTIALS_FILE>>"
    var.delegated_account: "<<DELEGATED_ACCOUNT_EMAIL>>"
    enabled: true
    var.jwt_file: "<<PATH_TO_CERDNTIALS_FILE>>"
    var.delegated_account: "<<DELEGATED_ACCOUNT_EMAIL>>"
    enabled: true
    var.jwt_file: "<<PATH_TO_CERDNTIALS_FILE>>"
    var.delegated_account: "<<DELEGATED_ACCOUNT_EMAIL>>"
    enabled: true
    var.jwt_file: "<<PATH_TO_CERDNTIALS_FILE>>"
    var.delegated_account: "<<DELEGATED_ACCOUNT_EMAIL>>"

### Input

### Registry
filebeat.registry.path: /var/lib/filebeat

### Processors
# The following processors are to ensure compatibility with version 7
- if:
    has_fields: ['gsuite']
  - rename:
      - from: "source"
        to: "gsuite_source"
- rename:
    - from: "agent"
      to: "filebeat_agent"
    ignore_missing: true
- rename:
    - from: "log.file.path"
      to: "source"
    ignore_missing: true

### Output 
  hosts: ["<<LISTENER-HOST>>:5015"]
    certificate_authorities: ['/etc/pki/tls/certs/COMODORSADomainValidationSecureServerCA.crt']

For a full list of available Filebeat configuration options for the G Suite module, please see Filebeat’s documentation.

Still in the same configuration file, replace the placeholders to match your specifics.

Replace <<LOG-SHIPPING-TOKEN>> with the token of the account you want to ship to.

Replace <<LISTENER-HOST>> with the host for your region. For example, listener.logz.io if your account is hosted on AWS US East, or listener-nl.logz.io if hosted on Azure West Europe. The required port depends whether HTTP or HTTPS is used: HTTP = 8070, HTTPS = 8071.

  • Replace <<PATH_TO_CREDENTIALS_FILE>> with the path to the credentials file (for example ./credentials_file.json if the credentials file is in the same path as filebeat.yml).

  • Replace <<DELEGATED_ACCOUNT_EMAIL>> with the email address of the admin G Suite user (for example user@example.com).

Start Filebeat

Start or restart Filebeat for the changes to take effect.

Check Logz.io for your logs

Give your logs some time to get from your system to ours, and then open Kibana.

If you still don’t see your logs, see Filebeat troubleshooting.