Before you begin, you’ll need: Metricbeat 7.1 or higher

Download the certificate

Download the public certificate to your certificate authority folder.

sudo wget -P /etc/pki/tls/certs/
Add configuration

Replace the General configuration with settings.

Replace <<SHIPPING-TOKEN>> with the token of the account you want to ship to.

# ===== General =====
  logzio_codec: json
  token: <<SHIPPING-TOKEN>>
fields_under_root: true
Set as the output

If is not an output, add it now. Remove all other outputs.

Replace <<LISTENER-HOST>> with your region’s listener host (for example, For more information on finding your account’s region, see Account region.

# ===== Outputs =====
  hosts: ["<<LISTENER-HOST>>:5015"]
  ssl.certificate_authorities: ['/etc/pki/tls/certs/COMODORSADomainValidationSecureServerCA.crt']
(If needed) Enable the system module

The system module is enabled by default. If you’ve disabled it for any reason, re-enable it now.

sudo metricbeat modules enable system

You can change the metrics collected by Metricbeat by modifying modules.d/system.yml. If you installed Metricbeat from a package manager, this directory is under /etc/metricbeat.

Start Metricbeat

Start or restart Metricbeat for the changes to take effect.

Check for your metrics

Give your metrics some time to get from your system to ours, and then open