Ship events data from your Intercom account to

Deploy this integration to ship Intercom events from your Intercom account to using webhooks.

Before you begin, you’ll need: an active account with Intercom.

Create an Intercom developer app
  1. Log in to your Intercom account.

  2. Navigate to the Developer hub and select New app.

  3. Enter the required app name.

  4. Select the required workspace.

  5. Select Internal integration.

  6. Select Create app.

  7. Navigate to Configure > Webhooks.

  8. Enter the following into the Your request endpoint URL field:


    Replace the placeholders in the code block (indicated by the double angle brackets << >>) to match your specifics.

  9. Declare your log type for parsing purposes. applies default parsing pipelines to the following list of built-in log types. If you declare another type, contact support for assistance with custom parsing. Can’t contain spaces.

  10. Select the required webhook topics for the notification types that will be sent to

  11. Select Save.

Check for your data

Give your data some time to get from your system to ours, and then open Kibana.

If you still don’t see your logs, see log shipping troubleshooting.