This integration uses Fluentd in a Docker container to forward logs from Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS) to


To use AWS ECS Collector, you’ll set environment variables when you run the container. The Docker logs directory and docker.sock are mounted to the container, allowing Fluentd to collect the logs and metadata.

Deploy the AWS ECS collector
  1. Pull the Docker image

    Download the logzio/logzio-aws-ecs image:

    docker pull logzio/logzio-aws-ecs
  2. Run the Docker image

    For a complete list of options, see the parameters below the code block.👇

    docker run -d --name=logzio-aws-ecs \
    --env LOGZIO_URL="https://<<LISTENER-HOST>>:8071" \
    -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock \
    -v /var/lib/docker/containers:/var/lib/docker/containers \
    -v /tmp:/tmp \
    --net="host" \


    Your account token. Replace <<SHIPPING-TOKEN>> with the token of the account you want to ship to.
    Your listener URL and port. Replace <<LISTENER-HOST>> with your region’s listener host (for example, For more information on finding your account’s region, see Account region.
  3. Check for your logs

    Give your logs some time to get from your system to ours, and then open Kibana.