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Synthetic Link Detector

Deploy this integration to collect data on broken links in a web page, and to get additional data about the links.

Auto-deploy the stack

To deploy this integration, click the button that matches the region you wish to deploy your Stack to:

us-east-1Deploy to AWS
us-east-2Deploy to AWS
us-west-1Deploy to AWS
us-west-2Deploy to AWS
eu-central-1Deploy to AWS
eu-north-1Deploy to AWS
eu-west-1Deploy to AWS
eu-west-2Deploy to AWS
eu-west-3Deploy to AWS
sa-east-1Deploy to AWS
ap-northeast-1Deploy to AWS
ap-northeast-2Deploy to AWS
ap-northeast-3Deploy to AWS
ap-south-1Deploy to AWS
ap-southeast-1Deploy to AWS
ap-southeast-2Deploy to AWS
ca-central-1Deploy to AWS

Specify stack details

Specify the stack details as per the table below, check the checkboxes and select Create stack.

logzioTokenReplace <<LOG-SHIPPING-TOKEN>> with the token of the account you want to ship to.Required
logzioListenerListener host, and port (for example, https://<<LISTENER-HOST>>:8071).Required
urlFull URL of the web page you wish to monitor. For example - https://logz.ioRequired
functionInvocationIntervalThe scheduling expression that determines how often the Lambda function runsDefault: rate(1 days)
logzioCustomFieldsEnrich the data with custom fields, formatted as key1=value1,key2=value2-
functionTimeoutTimeout for your Lambda function, in secondsDefault: 60
functionMemorySizeMemory size (in MB) for your Lambda functionDefault: 512
logzioTypeThe log type you'll use with this Lambda.Default: synthetic-links-detector

Check for your data

Give the stack a few minutes to be deployed and the data to get to our system, and then open Open Search Dashboards.

Log in to your account and navigate to the current instructions page inside the app. Install the pre-built dashboard to enhance the observability of your data.

To view the metrics on the main dashboard, log in to your Metrics account, and open the Metrics tab.