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If you're using AWS WAF as a web application firewall, you can ship its alerts to your Cloud SIEM.

Configure AWS WAF to enrich observability

Add an ACL rule to your AWS WAF to log all HTTP requests. In your AWS WAF admin console:

  1. Go to your web ACLs screen and select the relevant Region.

  2. Select an ACL and go to the Rules tab.

  3. Add a new rule. Make the following selections:

    1. Rule type: Select Regular Rule.
    2. Use the OR separator.
    3. Create a statement with the following fields:
      • Inspect: HTTP method
      • Match type: Starts with string
      • String to match: GET
    4. Add additional statements, separated by OR for every HTTP method you would like to monitor. At the very least, we recommend monitoring GET and POST methods.
    5. Then: Select the Count action.
  4. Save the rule.

  5. Adjust the rule's hierarchy, if relevant.

    If there are several ACL rules, we recommend that the rule created for be as high in the hierarchy as possible.

Configure AWS WAF to send logs to an S3 Bucket

You'll first need to make sure all your logs are being written to an S3 bucket.

  1. In your AWS WAF console, go to your web ACL screen. Select the web ACL you would like to send logs from.
  2. Set the web ACL to forward the logs to an S3 bucket.

Configure to read AWS WAF logs from an S3 Bucket

Before you begin, you'll need:

  • A user with permissions to list the buckets on the relevant S3 Bucket.
  • Permission to Get from all the paths under the bucket name.
  1. In your account, use the S3 Bucket wizard to configure to read AWS WAF logs from the S3 Bucket.

  2. In the log type section menu of configuration wizard, select other and type in awswaf. The log type section menu is located beside the hosting region selection menu.


If you run into issues, you can reference the guide for troubleshooting user permissions.

Check for your logs

Give your logs some time to get from your system to ours, and then open Open Search Dashboards and search for type: awswaf.

If you still don't see your logs, see log shipping troubleshooting.