Alice is a chatbot who lives in your Slack workspace. You can ask Alice to perform Elasticsearch queries, see the alerts triggered in your environment, and get a snapshot of Kibana visualizations and dashboards.

Assign an API token

If you’re an Enterprise account admin, you can create an API token from > Tools > API tokens. We recommend creating a token for use only with Alice.

If you’re a Pro account admin, contact the Support team to request an API token for Alice. Please note we can honor a request only from an account admin.

Users with access to your Slack workspace will be able to ask Alice to report information on your account, even if they don’t have access to

Install Alice
  1. If you’re a Slack workspace admin and you have admin access to your account, go ahead and click this button to add Alice to Slack:

    Add to Slack

  2. Confirm Alice’s permissions in your browser.

  3. In Slack, enter your Account region and API token, and click Save.

    Configure Alice

    If you don’t know how to find your account’s region, see Account region.

You can now ask Alice to help you with your account. You can invite Alice to a specific channel (just tag @Alice) or issue commands from the app itself in Slack.

To change Alice’s name

If you ever need to change Alice’s name in your Slack workspace—for example, if you have a coworker named Alice—just go to the app’s management page and click the edit pencil in the Bot User section.