This section includes the following topics: * Why Distributed Tracing?: An overview of’s Jaeger-powered tracing solution * Getting started: What you need to decide and set up to use Distributed Tracing * Deploying components in your system: What you need to install on your end * Kubernetes deployment reference * Instrumenting: Deciding which instrumentation strategy is best for your needs * The Distributed Tracing Grand Tour: Log in and get on the trace * Viewing the trace timeline: Dig into the details of each span * Viewing the trace graph: See the sequence of requests within a trace, with spans grouped into node blocks * Viewing the trace statistics : Focus on the span timing metrics * Viewing the trace JSON: Generate the JSON file for the trace, for future reference * Comparing traces: See where traces differ from each other, by comparing node blocks * Viewing trace topology diagrams: See the dependencies and structure of your system, as told by the service request trace stories * Correlating logs and traces: Harness Kibana and Jaeger for even more powerful insights.